CCM Auctions

CCM have deployed bidding booths at the ringside for the protection of customers

Monday Auction

Time Sale Ring
10.45am Calves Lingfields Ring
12 Noon Dairy (Fortnightly) Main Ring
12 Noon Prime Cattle Craven Ring
1pm Prime Sheep Lingfield Ring

Wednesday Auction

Time Sale Ring
9.30am Feeding Bulls Craven Ring
11:30am Store Cattle Cattle Sale Continues (Fortnightly) Main Ring
10am Store Lambs Continues (Fortnightly) from the 15th July Main Ring

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please get in touch with CCM Auctions.

About Auctionmarts

Auctionmarts is a widely used term for a place to auction & sell livestock, also known as; livestock market, cattle market, the mart, auction centre, sale yard & sale barn. Auction markets around the world provide an invaluable service to the agricultural community, providing transparency and true market value for the sale of stock. In addition to these services the auction market provides an environment for farmers to meet and socialise. As agriculture evolves it is increasingly difficult for many farmers to visit the auction market on sale day.
Today auction business???s are very diverse, selling almost anything. This diversity has led to many specialist auctioneers who focus on a particular sector or industry providing a wealth of knowledge and experience for their customers benefit. is an online trading platform for auctioneers and their customers, providing; Live Sale Internet Bidding, Timed Auctions & Sale Streaming around the World. The live sale streaming is useful for sellers who are not able to watch their stock being sold, buyers who are interested in particular sales and for anyone interested in the live trade. is provided by Newline ASP; supplier of auction, supplier of auction software to auction markets in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and North America.

Newline ASP provide auction services for

Great Britain
Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland
New Zealand

As well as leading cattle markets in Canada

Online Auction Services 

Live Sale Internet Bidding
Real-time online bidding, using a sub 1second delay video feed along with interaction with the auctioneer during the live sale.
Timed Auction, Online Catalogue, Commission Bidding
Buyers bid online and whoever has the highest bid when the auction ends wins the lot if the reserve has been met.
Sale Streaming
Viewers can see the live video online but cannot leave an online bid.